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ICG Asia IT Operations

ICG Asia offers a holistic approach to IT operations. Helping organisations take control of infrastructure through advanced remote management services, from core infrastructure like networks, servers and storage to edge devices, desktops, laptops, wide area networks for branch office connectivity and remote work.

IT Operations Portal

IT Operations portal is your single pane of glass, to view support tickets, knowledge base, and reporting.

Network Discovery

Network discovery periodically scans your network to update your asset inventory, monitor device health, and keep track of what devices are in the environment, identifying new or rouge devices.

Patch Management

Patch Management automates the scheduling of periodic patch updates and allows on-demand patching of zero-day vulnerabilities for a single machine or group of machines.

Remote Assist

Remote assist enables technicians to access servers and computers remotely in any location.

Warranty Lookups

Warranty lookups keep track of warranty expirations, identify expired devices and ensure your equipment always maintains current support.

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