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For a customised Cloud NAS price estimate including 200TB and above, please book a time to discuss how ICG Asia can help your organisation with pay for what you use NAS delivered as a service in the cloud or on-premise.

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Secure Remote File Sharing

ICG Asia Cloud NAS uses end-to-end encryption, and multiple availability zones, so your data is always available, always safe, and always secure.

Users can experience file sharing, just like their traditional NAS or Windows File Server, with a mapped D: drive experience, except hosted in a secure always-on cloud environment, that's accessible from any where, and cached locally on their device.

No more backups.

ICG Asia Cloud NAS does away with the need for a backup server, backup software, backup tapes, backup drives or cloud backup targets. With always-on protection, multiple availability zones, versioning, and instant snapshots with zero performance impact.

You'll never need to replicate or backup your NAS again.

VPSA Overview

Get an overview of the ICG Asia VPSA architecture that enables on-premise Storage as a Service (STaaS).


Share Files Securely Anywhere

ICG Asia's secure remote file sharing allows you to enable your staff D: drive and file shares to be cached locally on their device, syncing only compressed delta changes across the WAN. Local cache allows offline access, whilst file locking ensures consistency, free from version conflict of multiple users accessing the same data. Backup is built-in, so you'll never have to backup your NAS or File Server again. You can host on-prem for compliance or in the cloud for efficiency.

Checkout the ICG Asia Cloud NAS page for more details.

Data Protection

Learn how ICG Asia STaaS enables data protection with snapshots, replication and high availability.

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